The Nike Destroyer Jacket Collection

Fall is almost here so it’s about time to get to shopping for such! Up next is the letter jacket and Nike has a cool collection full of signature selections! The more patches and cooler the textures, the tighter the letterman jacket! Check out the gold and embossed sleeves featured by Nike!

Nike City Destroyer

Nike Arsenal Destroyer

Nike Classic Destroyer

Nike Kobe TC Destroyer

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P.S. It’s a good look for women to rock letterman jackets too!


Here’s an UNCONVENTIONAL look put together by yours truly, PinkGrasshopper …

The Trendsetting and CORE piece of the outfit:


Sand Fringed Denim Jacket By Unique

ASOS Varsity Leather Jacket  $161 -




Black Whipstitch Fringe Leather Satchel $160 -


SCRIPT Hi Vamp Wedges $140 -

Michael Antonio Studio Garcelle - Tan Pu $100

Miss KG Salvador Lace Up Heeled Ankle Boot $197 -

UniSex Attire

In fashion anything goes! Take a look at some of these fashion styles that go both ways!

For instance, this white blazer-esque jacket can be worn by a male or female. We’ve seen it on Justin Bieber and when the sleeves are rolled up a female can rock it all day long! All in all, add your own signature items and you’re good to go!

The button up:

Rose/Peach color & hooded look:

Can you tell whether this is a guy or a gal?!! Either way, its a good look on both!

The Letterman Jacket:

Large chains. Teyana Taylor usually does an AWESOMEsauce job of switching from tom boy to miss glam!

Bowl hat:

Explore and conquer folks!

Hint: American Apparel is really good at designing unisex pieces!

Casually Delightful

Letterman jacket for the win!!! This young woman made us very proud this weekend by providing many on-lookers an admirable way of dress for a day of high-profile yet very cold festivities!

She’s adorned in a makeshift letterman jacket and tank that are both very trendy but help give prominence to her destroyed black jeans! We love what she has going on here, while she’s very casual she’s still very much so dressed to impress and shows that mini dresses, skirts, and shorts are not the only flattering pieces that must be worn to look sexy! 

Peep that wrist wear too! 

She was our fav look that day!