Calling All Trendsetters! AND Wannabes // Ombre’ Blazin

We’ve seen a lot of ombre’ this season. From hair coloring to nail art but there’s one style of ombre’ that barely received any light. It’s the ombre’ blazer! Spotted on ASOS (sold out online) and this look is exceptional and trendsetting to say the least!

Since this look has barely caught on, it’s hard to find but you can always purchase a cream or off-white blazer and do-it-yourself! We also spotted a few designers on Etsy who you can probably reach out to for a custom ombre blazer!

What do you think about the ombre’ blazer? Are you dying to rock this look as much as we are?!

Blazer Cutlass

Blazer (3)

Blazers are very common amongst men and women. From crop to color and back around again, we see this style paired with almost anything. Blazers are used as quick and easy pieces to dress up any outfit. As the seasons change, we should expand our wardrobe a bit. The smallest tweak can make a big difference and in the case of blazers the cut does this! Asymmetrical, crisscross and lapels are all cuts that are perfect to spice up blazer looks! We provide cute examples below!

Printed ‘Pajama’ Pants Can Be A Fashion Nightmare…

…but Refinery 29 and PinkGrasshopper helps you avoid this!

The printed pajama pants, often found at H&M, are a pair of pants that can easily be seen as a fashion disaster because of its laid-back, extraordinarily casual and potentially cheesy look, much like a pair of pajamas. Here are a few tips to spice up the look to encourage more of a dressed-up, outdoorsy look!

1. Wear as high-waist pant, showing a little skin, with ballet flats instead of sneakers (keds or hush puppies). BE sure to wear a belt to encourage a more fitted look (less slouchy) around the waist.

2. Dress up with luxurious, thick fabrics that are soft in pattern

3. Dress-up with accessories

4. Simply Proper: button-up top and sandals

5. A blazer is a girls best friend

If you want more details or have inquires please submit via the “submit” tab in our navigation bar and/or visit Refinery 29 !

Beautifully Loud

Do you have a piece in your closet that is “louder” than any other piece you own and want to give it frequent shine but its just too loud to wear often or have trouble finding the best way to tone it down?

Well our favorite undiscovered fashionista provides a great way to go about evening out such look:

Floral print is a must have this season and when paired with black and jean pieces, you’re sure to stand out amongst the crowd yet in a very tasteful, non-tacky way!

UniSex Attire

In fashion anything goes! Take a look at some of these fashion styles that go both ways!

For instance, this white blazer-esque jacket can be worn by a male or female. We’ve seen it on Justin Bieber and when the sleeves are rolled up a female can rock it all day long! All in all, add your own signature items and you’re good to go!

The button up:

Rose/Peach color & hooded look:

Can you tell whether this is a guy or a gal?!! Either way, its a good look on both!

The Letterman Jacket:

Large chains. Teyana Taylor usually does an AWESOMEsauce job of switching from tom boy to miss glam!

Bowl hat:

Explore and conquer folks!

Hint: American Apparel is really good at designing unisex pieces!

Blazing in those Riding Pants!

While on the streets of Downtown LA, at LA Live, we spotted her rocking the perfect daytime outfit for this weekend’s festivities. She managed to put together a look that kept her warm and very trendy with pieces that flattered all she has to offer! 

She paired a long, uncommon colored blazer with a pair of nude colored riding pants that flatter her shape and size! Let’s not over look the bag, of which is big enough to show off yet just the right size as it does not swallow her small figure. 

Notice that she didn’t overshadow her outfit with accessories; while accessories can bring out an outfit, sometimes its best to leave home without them!

Her wedge heels helped accent her legs, of which is one of her best body features!

(Shoe photo courtesy of, thanks!)