LA’s Fickle Weather Gets Styled!

Since LA has been feeling a little blue lately, Grasshoppers, here’s a guide to get through the rainy and cold days while still staying fashionable!

Accessories such as scarves and hats (fedora’s, floppy hats, turbans, maybe even beanies) can be a good addition to your daily outfits for those random rainy and chilly LA days/nights.

We especially love the floral scarves look, keeps you warm and it adds a festive feel to your outfit. 

Check out this scarf from Zara (click here to go to website): 

Other rainy and cold weather fashionable finds:

As you can see, floral print is a hot commodity and a great pattern help keep your bad girl ways a secret ;)

Turbans and headband wraps are great alternatives to fedoras:

it’s recommended to keep at least one of these accessories with you at all times because you never know when you’ll need to revamp your look in response to LA’s fickle weather!

Beautifully Loud

Do you have a piece in your closet that is “louder” than any other piece you own and want to give it frequent shine but its just too loud to wear often or have trouble finding the best way to tone it down?

Well our favorite undiscovered fashionista provides a great way to go about evening out such look:

Floral print is a must have this season and when paired with black and jean pieces, you’re sure to stand out amongst the crowd yet in a very tasteful, non-tacky way!