Athletic Chic

Athletic chic is a style rocked by celebrities like Ciara, Teyana Taylor, Vashtie, sometimes Beyonce and Eva Marcille.

Its a laid-back look dressed up with accessories, of which is most often times extravagant shoes! This is a great look to rock on Summer days because in heat it’s best to wear comfortable clothing, especially if you plan to spend most of your day out and about!

Check out examples of this style … 

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Teyana Taylor’s Stylist Probably Looked to PinkGrasshopper for a Lesson in Tribal Print

…because Teyana’s recent shoot for Vibe Magazine beautifully exudes tribal print, a style/print that has yet to trend but for sure will! We said it here first, that tribal print is next to hit the fashion scene by storm and now we see it in the hottest Hip Hop magazine around!

Weeeerk Teyana! We’re watching!

Tribal print shoes

Grasshopper Inquiry: ‘Girls in Sneakers’


can you show some examples on how girls can still be sporty but girly and stylish while rocking tennis shoes. whether it be chucks, jordans, blazers etc…


Here’s a post we did last month addressing this issue: Women Wearing Tennis Shoes…

The most important thing to remember when wearing tennis shoes but keeping the “girly” feel is that one must not sacrifice her outfit in efforts to achieve the comfortable look that tennis shoes imply. Obviously, tennis shoes does not match with every outfit but they still can be worn with blazers, sheer shirts, shorts, and even harem pants! Just know that makeup, accessories and hair go a long way in keeping a girly style to any outfit ;)

UniSex Attire

In fashion anything goes! Take a look at some of these fashion styles that go both ways!

For instance, this white blazer-esque jacket can be worn by a male or female. We’ve seen it on Justin Bieber and when the sleeves are rolled up a female can rock it all day long! All in all, add your own signature items and you’re good to go!

The button up:

Rose/Peach color & hooded look:

Can you tell whether this is a guy or a gal?!! Either way, its a good look on both!

The Letterman Jacket:

Large chains. Teyana Taylor usually does an AWESOMEsauce job of switching from tom boy to miss glam!

Bowl hat:

Explore and conquer folks!

Hint: American Apparel is really good at designing unisex pieces!

Men For the Beefy : Sun Spectacles

There’s often times an issue, in fashion, where men question the masculinity of certain styles and pieces. PinkGrasshopper believes all this doesn’t matter just as long as it flatters your individual appearance and personality. Aaaannnnywho, we remember being asked by a male how he looks in a pair of glasses that are bigger than the average guy wears, stereotypically. Of course we responded just as you suspected we would and in all honesty, the sunglasses looked perfectly fine on him.

The fact that he asked this in the way he did, implying that we did not want to loose his masculinity behind those shades, triggered us to comment. 

It is perfectly reasonable for men to go beefy with glasses. We’ve already told you that 2011 is the year of the beefy (see previous post) so the bigger the better. What guys, or anyone for that matters, needs to be concerned about is how the glasses work with your face as an individual. The type of glasses you wears depends on your face shape. Thus, it’s important to discover which type of glasses looks best on you as an individual.

Anywho, here are some examples of men wearing a pair of beefy glasses and they look pretty awesome! 

Just Kidding with the last pic…hahaha..or are we?!?! :Kanye Shrug: LoL

Teyana Taylor is known to grace LA frequently with her hot bod and lusciously bold spiral curls. She recently celebrated her birthday at Industry nightclub a few Thursdays ago, here in LA. I hear the crowd was wild! As it usually is at Industry on Thursdays. Check out the gorgeousness that is Teyana in her latest photo shoot. Although she isnt relevant musically she’s totally awesome-sauce for remaining relevant in other ways, including the photo shoots she frequents.
Congratulations Teyana, you are now being watched by PinkGrasshopper!
Moral of the story: Make yourself relevant, Grasshoppers! Be useful!